Cherokee Inventions

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            The Cherokee had some great inventions. One includes what Sequoyah invented, a Cherokee syllabary where the symbols represented syllables instead of using pictures, which he originally tried, or letters, even though he borrowed a couple of English letters. There were about 86 symbols, and it was thought to be easy enough to learn in a couple days. It took him 12 years to make it, though, and while he was making it, he could often be found making marks in wood or stone. Many people thought he was mad, and they had no sympathy for him. When he finally finished, it took a little while for them to try it, but then they all used it ("Cherokee").

            Another accomplishment was their government. There were three chiefs, the red, the white, medicine chiefs. The white chief ruled during the times of peace, and the red chief ruled in time of war. The only exception to this is when the nation was being attacked and the white chief took control. Then, there were also war women present who dealt with the treatment of prisoners of war. The white council was made up of older and wiser men that wouldn't make foolish decisions. The role was hereditary through the female line, or you could be appointed by The Great White Priest. The Great White Chief, who was also called Uku, also could appoint or get rid of the Red Chief, so the chief of war is slightly subordinate. The number seven is significant to Cherokee; the national capital was a seven-sided building. The town council houses were round, but seven people sat inside them, and it ruled over seven clans. The red council, however, was made up of younger men who were good warriors. These people were elected into office or were appointed because of their bravery. The Tsalagi (Cherokee) people had a remarkable government system. (Vann)